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Underwater Design Plans by Kent Markham
Featured in:

Popular Mechanics

Scuba Tow Plans
-- Now Available --

Scuba Tow SEL Plans
-- Now Available --

Delta Wing
One Man Sub Plans
-- Now Available --

Silent Runner
Two Man Sub Plans
-- Now Available --

Tinkerbelle 2 Sailboat Plans

Kingston 15 Pocket Yacht Plans

Hydrofoil Boat Plans

Lawrence Water Glider

Off-Road Minibike Plans

H20 Underwater Camcorder Housing Plans

Hydrophone Plans

"Home Depot" Ultralight Plans

Sky Tribe Powered Paraglider Plans

FREE PLANS: Hornet Sport Gyroplane

Flitplane Ultralight Aircraft Plans

No Refunds are Offered on Plan Purchases.

R.R.M.S. Two Diver Sub

Mantaray: Ready-to-Dive Sub

Phoenix 1000: 213' Luxury Submarine

Discovery: 27' Personal Luxury Submarine

Nomad: 64.5' Luxury Submarine

Triton 650: Ready-to-Dive Sub

Triton 1000: Deep Diving Submersible

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