This Delta Wing One Man Submarine designed by Kent Markham is designed from the ground up for divers. It is a very straight forward design that is easy to build and to operate. The sub is outstanding performer and will add many hours of pleasure to you diving experience.

The sub is a semi-dry type (The upper part of the diver stays dry in an air pocket even while the craft is underwater).

Propulsion is provided by two electric fishing motors, power supplied from sealed rechargeable deep cycle batteries. An average running time from a full charge is approximately 4 hours.

Air for breathing is supplied from a standard SCUBA tank using a single hose regulator outfitted with an extra-long second stage hose. Tank time is almost doubled that of a free swimming SCUBA diver.

Buoyancy changes are achieved with a simple constant buoyancy valve. Direction control is achieved by tilting the thrust motors up or down and turns are made by directional movements of the two rudders mounted on the rear of the craft.

The sub is extremely stable with the weight down low and the air pocket up high. It is impossible to turn over. The maximum dive angle is about 15 degrees. Exit time from the craft in an emergency is under 5 seconds.

The Delta Wing Sub has been featured in a number of publications such as Popular Mechanics, Skin Diver, Dive and Florida Magazines, and has been a tremendous hit with divers from all over.


  • Overall Length: 11 4
  • Overall Width: 4 5
  • Overall Height: 4
  • Power: 12 / 24 Volts
  • Motors: (2) 36 lb. 40 lb. Thrust
  • Running Time: Approximately 4 hours
  • Construction: Plywood / Fiberglass / Paint


  • (3) 19 x 24 Paper Drawings (Not a CD) Plans Include Details of:

    -- Front Hull Section
    -- Rear Hull Section
    -- Motor Expanded View
    -- Electric Motor Circuits
    -- Keel Section
    -- Steering System
    -- Constant Buoyancy Valve
    -- Water Seal for Motor Lead in Wire
    -- Plastic Bubble Mold
    -- 3-View Drawings
    -- Full Feature Detailed 3d Drawing

  • 13 Page Construction Book with Photos
  • Plans will be shipped in 2-3 days after payment is received.

Any type of SCUBA diving activity can be potentially dangerous. Only certified SCUBA divers should operate this sub and all standard diving procedure should be observed during a dive.

The Designer and Seller disclaim any and all responsibility for any accidents that might occur during the construction and use of this craft.

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