Scuba Tow SEL (Single Engine Lightweight) is a self-propelled electric powered diving scooter that offers effortless undersea exploration or leisurely surface snorkeling. It is both easy to build and to operate.Two handgrips make steering a breeze, you just point the scooter wherever you want to go, hang on, and let it pull you along.

The Scuba Tow SEL is propelled by a small but powerful trolling motor that develops 30-40# of thrust – enough to pull you along at about 3-4 mph, the equivalent of a brisk walk. In experienced hands the scooter can reach depths of 100 feet or more and remain securely watertight. The motor is mounted at the stern with the propeller enclosed within a slotted skirt. A high efficiency kort nozzle intake scoop forces water in through the slots improving the flow around the prop for increased forward thrust.

Electricity is supplied by two 12 volt batteries that fit neatly inside the slim, streamlined hull. The batteries can be shifted fore or aft for precise trimming so the scooter will ride level in the water. A headlight in the nose provided underwater illumination and adds a sporty look to the appearance.

Building your own Scuba Tow SEL represents a substantial saving making it a bargain investment in a new and exciting form of family fun. While it is especially effective when used with Scuba gear, you don’t have to be an accomplished scuba diver to enjoy it. Since it relives you of the exertion of swimming, you can stay down longer (be aware of save diving rules) and travel farther per tank of air or lung full of air.

The design of the Scuba Tow SEL is aimed at making construction as simple as possible. All parts are easy to obtain and assemble. For ease of and accuracy of construction in determining dimensions, the plans are drawn exact to ½ scale for the overall top and side views (Sheet 1.), and full-scale for the cross-section details (Sheet 2.). Most key dimensions are given; those that aren’t can readily be obtained by measuring distanced directly on the drawings. In addition (Sheet 3.) contains full-size patterns to aid you in cutting irregular shapes.


  • Construction: Aluminum / Wood / Fiberglass
  • Overall Length: 42 1/4”
  • Motors: (1) 30 lb. to 40 lb. Thrust, 12 or 24 Volt
  • Suited for 3 or 4 Blade 7” Diameter Props
  • Weight with Battery(s): 45 lbs.
  • Running Time: Continuous - 60 min., Intermittent - 90 min or more.
  • Speed: 3-4 mph.
  • Control: By body shift and movement of wide stance handles.
  • Buoyancy Control: Adjustable Ballast to change buoyancy to compensate
    for added equipment mounted on Scuba Tow such as lights, cameras, etc…
  • 12 Volt Sealed Beam Spotlight


  • Easy to handle in and out of the water.
  • Letting go of either control handle automatically shuts off motors.
  • Great for snorkeling as well as with scuba gear.
  • Slightly positive buoyant, Scuba Tow SEL floats to surface if accidently released.

  • Paper Drawing (Not a CD) & Construction Manual
  • Sheet 1: 17” x 22”, ½ Scale Top and Side Details
  • Sheet 2: 17” x 22” Full Scale, Cross Section Details
  • Sheet 3: 17” x 22” Full Scale, Water Intake Openings, Hull Opening / \Hatch Cover, Kort Nozzle Pattern
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Plans will be shipped in 2-3 days after payment is received.

Any type of SCUBA diving activity can be potentially dangerous. Other than Snorkeling Only Certified SCUBA Divers should operate this Scuba Tow and all standard diving procedure should be observed during a dive.

The Designer and Seller disclaim any and all responsibility for any accidents that might occur during the construction and use of this craft.

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